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Meet the Grower

Meet the grower

The majority of cavolo nero you buy in UK supermarkets between June and March will have been grown by farmers in Lincolnshire.

One farmer who has many years of experience growing brassicas is Nick Reynolds. Nick has been producing quality vegetables for over five years.

The mineral rich soils of Lincolnshire farmland combined with his experience and passion for farming enable Nick to grow quality produce throughout the UK season.


How to Cook Cavolo Nero

“Its great to see more and more people enjoying cavolo nero, kale’s Italian cousin. Like kale not only does it taste great but its nutritional properties make this versatile vegetable very had to beat! If you love kale then I am sure you will love cavolo nero!”

How is cavolo nero grown?

Nick and his team plant around 40 hectares of cavolo nero every year to supply much of the country with this nutritionally rich vegetable. Nick buys the seed from top quality suppliers and then hands them to a local plant raiser who takes over the initial process of growing the tiny plants in a commercial scale glasshouse.

Once they are strong enough, a team of people plant out the cavolo nero in rows. While this task is aided by machinery, it requires people to select the strongest plants and insert them one by one into a semi-automated planter which puts them into the ground.

Brassicas like cavolo nero are particularly successful in Lincolnshire as the farms there have the benefit of some of the best soil in the country. It is extremely moisture retentive and mineral rich as much of the land around the Wash is reclaimed from the sea.

This means that once a crop is established it is more likely to remain healthy even in extended dry periods.



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